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Valentine’s Day Recipe Roundup

Valentine’s Day Recipe Roundup

It’s February here at Almond Cow and we are so excited to celebrate the holiday of love. Whether you’re planning a date night in with your Valentine or throwing a Galentine’s Day party, Almond Cow has got you covered! From hot cocoa, to simple breakfast, to pies, cakes, and chocolate, there is something for everyone. Make these recipes all month long or surprise your loved one with a Valentine’s Day treat to make the holiday that much sweeter!

Here are 14 Valentine recipes for you:


Something to Sip On:

Strawberry Almond Milk 


Strawberry milk: a staple of childhood for some, but very hard to find in a healthy format. Fortunately, you can easily make it at home using your Almond Cow. Plus, it’s perfectly pink.

Cherry Almond Moon Milk 

This Cherry Almond Moon Milk is not only beautiful but is creamy, delicious and calming. Sit, relax, and savor every sip…

Raspberry White Hot Chocolate 

Make this delightful Raspberry White Hot Chocolate for you and your Valentine! A wonderful blend of ingredients for a fresh, fruity taste that is just right for Valentine’s Day.


Strawberries & Cream Pulpmeal

This Strawberries & Cream Pulpmeal recipe takes your leftover pulp to the next level, featuring strawberries and coconut whipped cream. It makes for a fun, festive breakfast and only a few ingredients are needed.

Pie Lovers:

Cherry Hand Pies

These delicious, Cherry Hand Pies are the perfect sweet treat! They have just the right amount of fruit filling and are covered in homemade Hibiscus Pomegranate Cherry icing.

Pink Raspberry Pies

These Pink Raspberry Pies are the best combination of tart, sweet, and beautifully pink - plus they feature leftover pulp from your Almond Cow.

Cake Lovers:

Mug Cake

Looking for a quick and easy dessert? Look no further than our delicious, vanilla mug cake. A simple and delicious way to use your leftover CocoCash™ pulp.

Marbled Heart Cakes

Enjoy these stunning Marbled Heart Cakes featuring leftover pulp from your Almond Cow. The most beautiful sweet treat for Valentine's Day or any day!

Rosewater Cupcakes

Perfectly fluffy, luscious cake topped with a delicate rosewater infused frosting. What’s not to love!?

Chocolate Lovers:

Double Chocolate Raspberry Granola

Perfect for the chocolate lover in your life, this Double Chocolate Raspberry Granola is a great way to make use of the coconut/almond pulp from your Almond Cow.

Double Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

These decadent, Double Dark Chocolate Cupcakes are a great go-to dessert. They're vegan, gluten-free, and packed full of chocolatey goodness!

White Chocolate Raspberry Truffles

Melt-in-your-mouth White Chocolate Raspberry Truffles are a delicious dessert to enjoy for Valentine’s Day. They’re made with leftover cashew pulp from your Almond Cow!

Berry Rose White Chocolate Tart

This dreamy Valentine themed tart combines strawberries and raspberries with white chocolate and a hint of rosewater - all gluten and dairy free, of course.

Frozen Treat:

Roseberry Sorbet

Only 3 simple, fresh ingredients… fruit forward with a subtle hint of floral sweetness - it doesn’t get much better than this!



Happy Valentine’s Day from Almond Cow!

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