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The Sustainable Choice

How Almond Cow is Making a Difference

The sad life of shelf milk packaging







Production & Distribution

Consumption & Waste

Shelf milk cartons are made with
plastic and metal. Only 9% of plastics are recycled.
The rest pollutes our Earth.

What we throw away doesn't go away.

It has to go somewhere.

Consider this: the average household drinks 3 gallons of non-dairy milk a month. Or 36 gallons a year.

Put another way, that’s 144 plastic cartons per family going into landfills and the ocean, every year. Polluting our environment, leading to global warming and other bad consequences for our planet.

That’s more than 78 million plastic cartons not being recycled. Creating a bigger and bigger mess of the very worst kind. By switching to Almond Cow, thousands of families help clean up our planet daily.

Almond Cow has prevented 1,500,000+ single use cartons from ever being made.

Oh and there’s one more thing:

Every batch of milk made in the Almond Cow uses less energy than it takes to charge your smartphone, 0.01 kWh to be exact.

That’s because the cold blending process it uses requires very little energy.

Now that's a future worth drinking towards.

By choosing to make your own
plant-based milk, you're making a lasting
positive impact on our planet.

Making a difference. One jug at a time.
The Almond Cow way.

Making a difference.
One jug at a time.
The Almond Cow way.

Better milk for a better planet.