How does it work?

Making almond milk at home is a messy and painstaking process. The Almond Cow simpilifies this process and gives you almond milk in less than a minute. Clean-up is a breeze too.

Stainless Steel

The Almond Cow is fully enclosed with all gently curved stainless steel surfaces.

One Moving Part

There is one moving part - the blade - which reduces mechanical complexities and gives it unrivaled reliability.

Quick Clean-Up

Clean-up is simple. Just wash out the basin and the blade can be cleaned with a quick rinse under the tap.

See how simple it is

We designed the Almond Cow to make perfect almond milk every time. We cut out everything which got in the way and which was detrimental to the user's experience. Focus on making almond milk - and nothing else.

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What can you put into almond milk?

Pure almond milk is light and refreshing - but almond milk also goes well with light sweeteners. Some of our favorites are dates, vanilla, and cane sugar.

Can you make other nut milks?

Yes! You can make milk out of just about any nut. Here are a few that we recommend:


Coconut milk is silky and smooth. It's bright with flavors and tropical in natural. It's also great for consumption. It has some of the highest concenctrations of fibre, vitamin C, and calcium found in any nut.


Cashew milk is creamy and rich. It is naturally smooth and is great for strengethening joints and bones. It's also good for the heart and overall health. Unlike other nut milks, cashews produce a mild flavor that's easy on the taste buds.


Pecan milk is earthy and nutritional. It's high in Vitanmin E and manganese. Pecans are also packed with protein and antioxidants.