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Bubblegum Milk

It can’t get anymore playful than Blue Bubblegum Milk! Trying to sneak some extra nutrients into your kiddos snacks? Add nutrient-rich Blue Spirulina to this Bubblegum Milk, and they’ll never know!

Servings: 4-5
Time: 1 minute

vegan blue bubblegum milk in a glass


  • 1 cup Cashews
  • ½ tsp Blue spirulina
  • ½ tsp Bubblegum flavor (we used LorAnn super strength)


  1. Place cashews, blue spirulina, and bubblegum flavor in the filter basket. Attach the filter basket to the top of the Almond Cow and twist in the direction of the close arrow to secure.
  2. Fill the Almond Cow base to the MAX line (6 cups) with water, attach the top.
  3. Plug in the Almond Cow and press the cow start button.

    It will run through 3 automatic stages. When the green light stops flashing, your milk is ready!