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Almond Cow Pro
Pro Almond Milk

Pro Almond Milk


  • 3lb Raw Almonds (soaked or unsoaked)
  • 20 Dates (or substitute 8 tbsp Maple Syrup)


Place the almonds and dates in the filter basket. Keep the filter basket in the machine when filling with ingredients.


Fill the filter basket inside the base of the machine with water to the Max. line.


Attach the top and plug in the machine. Press the cow start button and blend for 2 cycles for optimal creaminess.



Almonds do not need to be soaked.

Additional ingredients can be added as desired into filter basket.

Sub other hard nuts in any proportion to this recipe as desired- hazelnuts / walnut pieces / pistachios.

The Pro will continue to beep if there is no water in the machine. This is a safety precaution and when you are finished with the cycle, unplug the machine to turn it off.