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Case of Bulk Organic Cashew Pieces - 30lbs

Case of Bulk Organic Cashew Pieces - 30lbs

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10 bags of our Organic Cashew Pieces, which are sourced specifically for making deliciously creamy cashew milk in the comfort of your own home. Blend these up on their own or mixed with other nuts, seeds, or grains (like our favorite, CocoCash™) - no soaking required! Either way, you’ll soon be enjoying a naturally creamy plant-based milk that’s sure to be one of your new favorite beverages. 

Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and Glyphosate Residue Free

*Please note we source all of our ingredients for the express purpose of milk making. Our experience has consistently shown that physically smaller ingredients are ideal for achieving the best tasting milks. In the case of cashews, this means we source cashew pieces rather than whole cashews. This is a grade of cashew that doesn't look as visually appealing and occasionally has small amounts of the husk remaining or black spots from the shelling process. These are visual defects, not actual defects. They just don't look familiar to us because this grade of cashew is primarily used in nut butters or in plant-based shelf milks.

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