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Delicious Father’s Day Recipes and Hilarious Dad Jokes to Make the Day Special

Delicious Father’s Day Recipes and Hilarious Dad Jokes to Make the Day Special

Father’s Day is usually a time to reflect back on all the significant things your dad taught you over the years. It’s likely that a few classic scenarios come to mind. Maybe you have the kind of dad who taught you how to ride a bike and throw the perfect spiral. Or maybe you have the kind of dad that taught you the value of a dollar and the importance of a hard day’s work.

While those lessons are important, perhaps one of the most crucial things a father can teach their child is nothing short of an artform. It’s a skill that many only inherit once they have children of their own. It’s the savvy technique, the unwavering follow-through, and the perfectly timed drop of the ultimate, eye-roll-inducing phenomena, “dad jokes.”

At Almond Cow, we couldn’t let this holiday pass without giving thanks to the time-honored tradition of these horrible, but admittedly still hilarious puns. And instead of throwing them in with your typical Father’s Day gift guide, we’re generously including them with ideas for the perfect Father’s Day cookout! Take a look at these Father’s Day recipes and see if some of them get your appetite, and your funny bone, going!


Waffles with Plant-Based Milk

For the most important meal of the day, Dad would be waffle-ly sorry if morning didn’t start out with a big plate of waffles! You can find our delicious recipes for waffles using plant-based milk on our website. Top them with all of his favorites, like blueberries, bananas, and chocolate chips! You can also squeeze the day by serving Dad a big glass of vitamin-rich ACE juice. With tons of oranges, carrots, and lemons, Dad will think this juice is the absolute zest!

Why did the waffle go to the doctor? Because he was feeling a little pancakey.


Classic American Cheeseburger

Few dads would turn down a burger for lunch, and we have two that will satisfy any crowd. If your dad likes a more traditional plant-based burger, our vegan, Classic American Cheeseburger is grill-iant. Made with cashew pulp, brown rice, and mushrooms, it’s quite a mouthful!

Hawaiian Burger

If Dad wants to say “aloha” to something a little more island-inspired, the plant-based Hawaiian BBQ Burger could really make a splash! Topped with pineapple, red onion, pickles, and Almond Cow BBQ sauce, this burger will make dad feel like he’s relaxing on his own private beach.

You can also serve either burger with a side of our famous baked beans—just don’t be shocked if Dad tells a “pull my finger” joke.

Did you hear about the angry burger? He really flipped out.


Classic American Cheeseburger

For dinner, shake up Dad’s daily rotini with a new pasta recipe! If dad can handle the heat, pepper his taste buds with our spicy Cajun-Style Vegan Mac n’ Cheese. Starting with a plant-based cheese sauce, and a generous amount of cayenne and fresh cracked pepper, it will have his taste buds jalapeño-poppin’!

Beet Ravioli

If you want to surprise dad with something a little more pre-pasta-rous, try our Beet Ravioli. This labor of love is worth it, with delicious, pillowy ravioli pockets stuffed with cashew cheese filling and a hint of lemon. It’s a vegan Father’s Day dish that will have your dad beet-ing with pride.

How much did the new pasta maker cost? A pretty penne.


Homemade Ice Cream

Dad will certainly need a sweet treat for Father’s Day dessert. What better way to beat the June heat than with some homemade ice cream? We have ice cream recipes that you can be cone-fident will hit the spot! If Dad likes classic flavors, try our Cookies & Cream, or Blue Vanilla—you can always leave the blue butterfly pea powder out of the blue vanilla recipe if your dad likes his colors timeless too. We also have a flavor that’s cereal-lously fun—Cereal Milk ice cream! This fun mashup of frozen coconut cream and breakfast cereal tastes just like the milk at the bottom of your favorite bowl of cornflakes!

Why is ice cream so bad at tennis? It has a soft serve.

This isn’t your average Father’s Day gift guide. It’s soy much more than that. Instead of a gift Dad will likely forget about, give him a lasting, a-moosing memory of some wonderful meals paired with dad jokes so corny that only he could deem them hilarious. He’ll likely be proud to pass on the dad joke baton, and if you nail these recipes, the grilling tongs too!

Don’t have a plant-based milk-dud of a Father’s Day this year. Try these recipes, share your dad jokes in the comments, and seize the moo-ment!

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