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Better Together: The Ultimate Guide to Pairing Tea and Plant-Based Milk

Better Together: The Ultimate Guide to Pairing Tea and Plant-Based Milk

Everyone’s perfect cup of tea is unique. Some add sugar or honey, herbs, or even a spritz of citrus to make it just right. But if you want to take your cup to the next level, try changing up the milk you add. Different types of milk can have a huge impact on your teas’ flavor and consistency.

Not sure where to start? Check out a few of these tried and true combinations that are sure to satisfy. Each one lists a different plant-based milk you can make by using your Almond Cow!

Here are a few of our favorite pairings:

Oat Milk & Matcha

With its strong vegetal notes, matcha should be combined with a milk that’s just as flavorful. Luckily there’s a perfect milk that stands up to the mean green matcha—oat milk. The mossy flavor notes of the matcha pair wonderfully with the earthy notes of the oat milk. They also bring out the nutty, umami flavors in one another. It’s no surprise they're a match-a made in heaven.

Almond Milk & Peppermint Tea

In the spearmint plant, menthol is the organic compound that gives mint its cooling effect. When the spearmint plants are harvested and used to make peppermint tea, some people find the degree of menthol flavor a little too sharp. Adding milk helps tone down the strength of that cooling effect to your personal preference level. With its nutty, sweet base, almond milk is a wonderful pairing for peppermint tea. Both drinks are light enough that they don’t fight one another when combined, and instead seamlessly blend together into one tasty drink. And want to make homemade almond milk even easier? Try our Original Almonds ‘n’ Dates Milk Medleys.

Turmeric Milk & Chai Tea

Turmeric milk is also known as “Golden Milk,” and with its bright, bold color, it’s easy to see why! In this drink, both turmeric and chai tea find common ground with notes of ginger. Combining the otherwise woodsy, slightly bitter turmeric, with the warming spices of chai make for a comforting drink that feels like a warm hug in a mug!

Pistachio Milk & Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea, also known in Mexico as Agua de Jamaica, can be topped with pistachio milk to create a refreshing drink with tart, floral notes from the hibiscus and salty, nutty undertones from the pistachio milk. This combination is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. And even if this isn’t your favorite flavor combination, it’s hard to deny it’s the prettiest! When mixed together they create a gorgeous drink that’s light pink in color.

*Note you can also sub white tea for hibiscus tea, which tends to be sweeter.

Soy Milk & Black Tea

When you think, “tea” and “Taiwan” your mind might jump to bubble tea. But there’s another popular drink from the beautiful island you should try—soy milk and black tea. The creaminess of the soy milk is perfect for calming the strong flavor and aroma of the black tea. When these two drinks mix, they make a drink that’s delicious, and packed with nutrients like magnesium, calcium, theaflavins, and antioxidants.

Have you tried any of these combinations? Let us know your favorite tea and milk duo in the comments!

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