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Best Plant-Based Milk for Frothing: Find Your Favorite

Best Plant-Based Milk for Frothing: Find Your Favorite

Are you curious about which plant-based milk will froth the best?

We decided to experiment and see which Almond Cow creamers produce the most froth for your delicious homemade beverages. Whether you're making a coffee drink, matcha latte, or hot chocolate...frothy milk is a must. Who needs baristas and expensive coffee shops when you can create your own concoctions from the comfort of home! Discover which plant-based milks are ideal for that extra foamy froth every time.


We made Almond Creamer in the Almond Cow and added it to a frother machine on the cold setting. We tested it by pouring it over cold brew; it got super frothy and maintained its froth well. When we frothed the almond creamer using the hot setting and poured it over hot coffee, it was still semi-frothy but the froth disappeared quickly and wasn’t as thick.


Next, we made Cashew Creamer in the Almond Cow. While cashews make creamy milk, they unexpectedly frothed second best to the almond creamer. We still got a decent amount of froth, but it was a thinner layer on the coffee and didn’t last as long as the fluffy foam from the almond creamer.


Lastly, we used the Almond Cow to make Oat Creamer. Surprisingly, this resulted in the least amount of frothiness out of all the milk we tried! After adding the oat creamer to the frother machine, it frothed a tiny bit but immediately dissipated when poured over coffee. We were shocked because oat milk from the store typically froths really well. That just goes to show that store-bought oat milk must be loaded with elmusifiers and additives to help it froth up. Nevertheless, our oat creamer still added a deliciously creamy flavor to the coffee, so not a bad choice if you won't miss the froth too much!

We hope this froth roundup was helpful for all of your plant-based milk goals! Almond creamer was the clear winner, cashew creamer got the silver medal, and our beloved oat creamer came last in frothiness (but certainly not in taste!). A big takeaway we found was that these creamers definitely froth better when cold and tend to lose some foam when they're heated. What milk or creamer recipes should we test out next? Let us know! And check out all of our creamer recipes here.

Note: It's also important to mention that the recipes we linked contain sweeteners, but the recipes we tested consisted of just the nuts/oats and water. However, we don't suspect it would change the froth level too much if you want to create your creamer or milk with a sweetener of choice.

Happy frothing!

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