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Hidden ingredients in commercial milk and the danger they pose

Unveiling the Shocking Truths Behind Commercial Milk Products

4 Minutes

With fall officially in full swing, we are so excited about all of the holiday goodies and spooky recipes we have planned for the month of October and Halloween. However, when it comes to the milk we drink, we don’t want any tricks, only healthy, simple, and delicious treats! With the Almond Cow, you know exactly what goes into the milk you drink- no magic potions involved. With store-bought milk, on the other hand, there are all sorts of added ingredients in these “healthy” milk alternatives.

Did you know that the majority of store-bought plant-based milk hardly contain any nuts at all? The majority of ingredients are actually quite scary!

Here are just a few ingredients that are common within these store bought plant-based milks:

All of these additives serve different purposes, but they are often added to increase the frothing of the milk, reduce separation, and expand the shelf life of the milk. However, as you can see, these “healthy” plant-based alternative milk are still loaded with added ingredients that we probably wouldn’t choose to ingest if we had the choice.

That’s why with the Almond Cow, one of the biggest perks is actually being able to see what ingredients we put in our plant-based milk. We get to completely customize the milk-making process adding only the ingredients we want in our bodies. It could be as simple as making almond milk with just 5 cups of water and one cup of almonds. Or, we can choose to add in a natural preservative like salt to extend the shelf life a bit. If we want to add some sweetness, maple syrup or pitted dates can be added. If you like the taste of cinnamon or vanilla in your milk or even fresh strawberries, you can experiment with adding those in as well!

Ultimately, with the Almond Cow, you can experiment and create delicious, healthy, simple milk without all the added gums and fillers. It’s simple, wholesome, healthy milk made easy! There’s no guessing just how many nuts are actually in the milk or wondering how the additives and gums affect our health. There’s nothing scary about it, which is just the way we like our plant-based milk!