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AC Hacks, Tips, and Tricks

AC Hacks, Tips, & Tricks

4 minutes

Have you been curious to know how other Almond Cow users make the best homemade milks? Or how to make the process of milk making easier, more delicious, and more efficient? Well then you’re in luck! We talked to our team here at Almond Cow, our Almond Cow Facebook Community Group, and our Customer Service & Customer Insights teams. We gathered up all the best Almond Cow hacks, tips, and tricks straight from the mouths of our employees, customers, and faithful community. They all have found clever and useful ideas to make the process of making homemade plant-based milk with the Almond Cow that much simpler and better, step by step, and sip by sip! We’d love to share them all with you. We hope you enjoy!