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Wine Down Roundup

Wine Down Roundup

We know sweet treats & chocolates aren’t for everybody so we’ve gathered together our favorite wine recipes. Hot, cold, fizzy, fruity - we’ve got something for everybody, made all the better with your Almond Cow

Here are 9 delicious recipes every wine or champagne lover can raise a glass to:


Fresh Fruit Sangria 


This sangria is made right in your Almond Cow and is the berry perfect drink! Crisp, fruity, and refreshing- you can enjoy this drink any time of year.

Strawberry Rossini 

Our Strawberry Rossini is red and bubbly with a fruit forward flavor from fresh strawberries. A perfect drink for a brunch with friends or a day date with your loved one. (It can also be made as a mocktail.)

Spiced Sangria

Spiced Sangria is a delicious red wine cocktail made right in your Almond Cow. Our recipe includes seasonal fruit, brandy, triple sec, and cozy spices - lovely in cool weather.

Spanish Sangria

Make this flavorful, classic, Spanish Sangria in moments with your Almond Cow and only 4 ingredients. It’s sure to be a favorite.

Here Are Our Champagne/Prosecco Options:

Pear Champagne Sparkler

With only 5 ingredients, this Pear Champagne Sparkler is quick and easy to make. It’s light and refreshing, with a kiss of vanilla sweetness.

Citrus Champagne Mule

Enjoy this vibrant and delicious Citrus Champagne Mule. Featuring vodka, champagne, ginger beer, and all your favorite citrus flavors. (Can also be made as a mocktail.).

Peach Bellini

Peach Bellinis are a brunch staple. It’s bubbly, simple, and features fresh peaches. What more could you ask for?

Pineapple Aperol Spritz

This tropical take on the Aperol Spritz is a wonderful way to soak up the weekend. The sweet pineapple balances the bitter nature of the Aperol and pairs well with your favorite bubbly Prosecco.

New Recipe: Pink French 75

<p style=This pink take on the classic French 75 is light and effervescent with just the right hint of botanicals from the gin and fresh lemon juice.




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