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Strawberry Coconut Limeade

Strawberry Coconut Limeade
Enjoy this perfectly sweet, tart, and refreshing Strawberry Coconut Limeade. Only a few simple ingredients needed and made in moments with your Almond Cow!
Servings: 4

Less than 5 minutes
Run Time: 1 minute


  1. 4 cups coconut water
  2. Ice, to float the liquid to the MIN line
  3. 2 large limes, peel/pith removed (and cut into small pieces)
  4. 10 strawberries, quartered
  5. ¼ cup agave


Add coconut water to the base, and add ice to float the liquid to the MIN line. 

Add limes, strawberries, and agave to the filter basket. 

Attach the filter basket to the top, and the top to the base.

Press the cow, and when the green light stops flashing, your Strawberry Coconut Limeade is ready!

Note: If you’d like a stronger fruity flavor, feel free to run the cycle an extra time with more strawberries and lime!

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