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Creative Uses for Your Nut Milk Bag Beyond Almond Milk

Creative Uses for Your Nut Milk Bag Beyond Almond Milk

In an effort to stay true to one of our favorite mottos, “Less Plastic, More Plants”, we have cut down on the use of plastic in our packaging. Every Almond Cow is now shipped to you in a reusable drawstring bag! The bags feature drawstring straps, fit the Almond Cow milk maker perfectly, and have so many creative uses! Plus, we think the Almond Cow logo on them is pretty darn cute!

Here are just a few creative ways we LOVE using our Almond Cow reusable bags:

1. Use It as a Grocery Tote or Produce Bag

Skip those plastic bags at the grocery store and use your reusable bag to carry your groceries or use it as a produce bag for all of your fresh fruits and veggies. This cuts down on the use of plastic significantly! Plus, if your bag gets dirty and needs to be cleaned, you can easily wash it by hand in the sink with a little bit of soap and water, and then hang it to dry.

2. Use It When Traveling

Use your reusable bag to transport your Almond Cow, or anything else! The bag was specifically designed to fit the Almond Cow machine, so there’s no better way to safely transport your Almond Cow when traveling. Or, if you're leaving behind your Almond Cow this trip, you can still pack your bag for traveling and use it to sort clothes, keep your shoes separate from your other belongings, or even as a purse dust bag.

3. Take It On All Your Adventures as a Backpack

This reusable, versatile bag comes with the perfect straps to wear it & carry anything on the go! The straps are soft and the bag is lightweight, making this bag easy to carry, even with a little bit of weight in it! Take it hiking, on bike rides, or use it as a beach bag. It has just enough room to bring water, sunscreen, snacks, and anything else you might need for a day of adventuring.

4. Use It as a Picnic Bag

We can’t think of a better way to spend a sunny day than to pack a picnic and head to a beautiful place with a view to spend time with your friends and family. Pack the reusable bag full of picnic snacks and cutlery, or even pack the Almond Cow Glass Jug filled with your favorite beverage inside. It fits perfectly! Just be sure to make sure the jug cap is sealed properly and the jug is stored upright to prevent any leaking.

As you can see, our new reusable bag can be used in a variety of creative ways! We’d love to know how you’re using yours! On your next adventure, bring along your Almond Cow reusable bag and post about it on social media! Mention us in the caption using #AlmondCow.

We can’t wait to see all the places you go and all the creative ways you use your bag!

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