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Tart cranberries and sweet orange combination in our Cranberry Orange Infusion recipe

Cranberry Orange Infusion

5 minutes

Nothing says it's the holidays like the pairing of cranberry and orange - especially in this Cranberry Orange Infusion. Tart cranberries combined with sweet, juicy oranges makes for a delightful treat.

Servings 5-6


  • cranberries
  • orange (peeled, roughly chopped)


Step 1

Using whatever ratio suits your fancy, add cranberries and (peeled, roughly chopped) oranges to the filter basket to the 1 cup line.

Step 2

Pour your liquid of choice into the base to the MIN or MAX line. We love sparkling water, plant-based milk, or tea.

Step 3

Press the cow and when the green light stops flashing, serve and enjoy!


For a more concentrated beverage use the Creamer Method.