About Us – Almond Cow

Our Story

We’ve always loved plant-based milk, but not the mysterious ingredients in store-bought kinds or the hassle of making it ourselves. We were tired of paying inflated prices for premium plant-based milks and the plastic waste they generated. We knew there had to be a better way, so we created the perfect milk maker.

Almond Cow changes everything.

We’ve created Almond Cow so that the experience of making milk at home becomes so simple (and fun!), you’ll never consider buying it at the store again.

Meet the team


Healthfully Hannah

As a nutritionist, Hannah is passionate about clean eating and empowering others to transform their health through simple everyday choices. She believes Almond Cow is the perfect solution for those who are dairy-free, plant-based, anyone with food allergies, sensitivities, or digestive issues, and just health nuts in general (no pun intended) as it empowers you to source the quality of each & every ingredient - the process couldn’t be any simpler!


An engineer by training and a product designer by trade, Brett is passionate about reducing packaging waste & improving agricultural sustainability. Creating Almond Cow was a combination of all of the above. Every milk maker that lands on a doorstep represents the potential to eliminate hundreds of plastic bottles and pointless transportation - all while empowering others to build a better diet.