Who are we? Why are we doing this?

Brett and I started this project a year ago because we were both long time almond milk drinkers who were looking for an easier way to make good, nutritous, and safe milk at home. Like many people, Brett and I each started drinking almond milk for different reasons. But we both had an affinity for natural, homemade food and drinks - as opposed to commercially made products. We've been hard at work designing, testing, and prototyping the Almond Cow for the past year and we're excited to share it with everyone. We hope our product will do as much for you as the reward we've reaped while meticulously building it. If only one more person takes up almond milk because of it, our goal would have been accomplished.


I've enjoyed drinking milk since I was a kid. To me, pretty much anything goes well with milk - from scrambled eggs in the morning to turkey sandwiches for lunch to a steak at dinner.

About two years ago, I noticed that my body didn't take milk as well as it did before. I went to a doctor and he told me that I might be slightly lactose intolerant. Obviously, I was surprised by this - since I've drunk copious amounts of milk since infancy. That's when I started looking into alternatives to dairy milk.

I tried several - soy and cashew being among them - but nothing gave me the texture and taste that I've grown accustomed to with regular milk like almonds. At first, I store bought all my almond milk, but after a while I started milking my own almonds (as I like to put it) because it tasted cleaner.

One of the challenges of making your own milk has always been the amount of effort required and the mess you made during the process. Even after several months of experience doing this, I still consistently managed to create a small disaster every time I stepped into the kitchen.

I am a software engineer who dabbles in electrical engineering and have quite a bit of experience designing digital products and applications. Brett is a mechanical engineer by trade and we thought our backgrounds were a good fit to tackle something like this.


I drink a combination of different milks and normally get the one with the longest shelf life - expired milk is more of a problem for me than anything else. Getting milk on a regular schedule can be challenging. I always seem to buy too much or not enough. I had gotten used to this when Peter mentioned that he was making almond milk at home.

I assumed it was possible to do this at home, but never thought of how it was actually done. My first impression was that it would be incredibly time consuming. My background is in engineering and product development, so this idea caught my attention from the very beginning.

I hope that the Almond Cow can do more than just ease the hassle of making almond milk at home. My goal is that milk becomes something we instinctively make ourselves - instead of something we buy at the store.