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Filter Basket Tips

Almond Cow Filter Basket
We often get asked how to attach the filter basket of the Almond Cow to the top, so we made a quick video showing how to do it. We hope you find it helpful whether you are new to using the Almond Cow or have been using it for years.

Additionally, here are some more useful tips for attaching the filter basket correctly:

  • Keep the ingredients around the 1 cup line, which is marked on the outside of the basket.
  • Hold the top of the Almond Cow in your non-dominant hand, with the filter basket in your dominant hand.
  • Hold the Almond Cow and filter basket sideways, tilted so the ingredients make a bit of room for the blade.
  • Insert the blade on the side with fewer ingredients. (Please note, if there are dates in the basket, please place the dates towards one side of the basket and ensure the blade enters the basket away from the dates. They can stick to the blade making the basket difficult to close.)
  • Slightly wiggle the basket up and into place.
  • Once the filter basket is flush with the top of the Almond Cow, twist the basket to the left (in the direction the arrow is pointing) until it is snug in place.
  • We also suggest using the plastic collector cup as leverage to help hold and twist the filter basket closed.


Filter Basket Instructions


If you have any additional questions regarding the filter basket, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team at info@almondcow.co


We are always happy to help our customers!

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