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Almond Milk Cold Brew made with an almond cow pro

Pro Cold Brew Milk (with Almonds)


  • 3 lbs Raw almonds
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 9 oz coffee (ground)
  • Optional: 10 Medjool dates


Place the filter basket in the Almond Cow and fill with the ground coffee. Add 2 gallons of water or up to the MAX line. Let sit for 12 hours (overnight).

Remove filter basket and rinse out coffee grounds. Return filter basket to base (with cold brew still inside) and fill with almonds. Add dates (optional) and salt, if desired. Plug in, press the Cow Start Button. To enhance creaminess further, just run the machine for a second time. When the 9 grinding cycles are complete, bottle milk and refrigerate. Use leftover pulp in oatmeal bowls or refrigerate for further use in smoothies or baking. Enjoy!

The Pro will continue to beep if there is no water in the machine. This is a safety precaution and when you are finished with the cycle, unplug the machine to turn it off.  

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