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The Ultimate Guide to Nut Milk

bowls of Almond Cow Ingredients: Almonds, Whole Grain Oats, Coconut shreds, and Cashew Pieces.
The Ultimate Guide to Nut Milk

Our Definitive Guide to Nut Milks

Over the last few years, more and more nut milks have become available, and with products like the Almond  Cow, the range of nut milks is limited only by the number of nuts you can find. From the most commonly seen nut milks like almond milk and cashew milk to ones that aren’t usually found in grocery stores like pistachio milk and pili nut milk, consumers have a wide range of choices.

Nut milks are seen as a healthier and more environmentally-friendly form of milk, and that has never been more true than with the Almond Cow, a nut milk maker that allows you to decide exactly what is in your nut milk. Control your nut milk flavors, create distinct nut milk blends (like our PeCashew Milk), avoid anything you don’t want in your milk (like artificial preservatives and flavors), and make nut milks that aren’t currently found in stores!

Read below to find out more, and see which nut milk is best for you.

Almond Milk

Almond milk, like most nut milks, is made by blending almonds and water and then straining out any residual nut pulp. It has a mildly nutty flavor and smooth texture, which makes it an incredibly popular choice for those who are looking for an alternative to dairy milk. Almond milk is arguably the most famous of all nut milks, and for good reason—it’s low in calories, nutrient-dense, and super easy to make with readily available ingredients. Check out our almond milk recipe and make your own almond milk at the touch of a button

Cashew Milk 

If you’re looking for the ultimate creamy nut milk, cashew milk is where it’s at! Cashew milk has a thicker consistency and more mild taste than almond milk, making it a great base to let other flavors shine. We love mixing cashews with coconut to make our famous CocoCash™ Milk. We’re also fans of using cashews in a traditional Indian drink, Cashew Golden Milk, known for its anti-inflammatory properties.  

Macadamia Milk  

glasses of macadamia nut milk

Macadamia nuts are tree nuts that have an almost butter-like flavor. Native to Australia, macadamia nuts are rich in heart-healthy fats, antioxidants, and fiber, making macadamia nut milk a standout in the nut milk family. This nut milk is becoming an extremely popular dairy alternative in coffee houses because of its  decadent texture and high-fat content, which makes it ideal for frothing. We recommend trying macadamia milk in a matcha latte or as a dairy substitution in baked goods.  

Hazelnut Milk  

hazelnut milk

Hazelnuts are probably best known for their role in the famous sweetened cocoa spread, Nutella. But Nutella isn’t all hazelnuts are good for. With a rich, velvety, and slightly toasted flavor, hazelnut milk is the perfect addition to your morning cup of coffee or a great base for a decadent mug of hot cocoa. Delicious taste aside, hazelnut milk contains a myriad of vitamins and minerals including manganese, iron, calcium, and zinc. Give hazelnut milk a try, or if you just can’t shake that Nutella feeling (we don’t blame you), Nutella milk

Walnut Milk  

walnut milk

Walnuts have a laundry list of health benefits, from protecting the body against inflammation to decreasing the risk of heart disease, and perhaps most notoriously promoting brain health. This makes walnuts an ideal nut for people who want to get the most bang for their buck when it comes to nut milk nutrition. Walnut milk has a thicker consistency than other nut milks and looks like chocolate milk to the unassuming eye. We love our homemade walnut milk sweetened with dates and flavored with vanilla extract.  

Pecan Milk  

pecan milk

Pecans are a popular nut choice for baking, especially around the holidays, but they also make for a toothsome nut milk! With a more naturally sweet, nutty taste, this creamy pecan nut milk is great in a morning bowl of oatmeal on a chilly day. If you want to be a bit more adventurous and lean into those classic holiday flavors, we  recommend adding cinnamon, sea salt, and maple syrup for a scrumptious glass of pecan pie milk.  

Pistachio Milk  

pistachio milk

Don’t let the green color deter you! Pistachio milk is a delicious nut milk loaded with protein, antioxidants,  fiber, and nutrients. It has a smooth texture and mild, but rich flavor that will definitely leave you wanting  more. We love frothing pistachio milk and serving it in a hot cup of chai tea! It also makes for a great  smoothie base. Try making pistachio milk today.  

Peanut Milk  

peanut milk

While an extremely popular snacking nut, peanuts are a lesser-known entity in the nut milk category. That said, peanut milk is incredibly flavorful and rich in vital minerals such as magnesium and potassium. It also has higher protein content per cup than most other nut milks, though subsequently, it is also higher in calories. We recommend using roasted salted peanuts with dates and a little vanilla extract in our peanut milk recipe for a sweet and salty treat. Try pairing your peanut milk alongside a PB&J or dessert—we promise it won’t disappoint.  

Pili Nut Milk  

pili nut milk

Pili nuts are definitely newer to the nut milk scene, but don’t count them out just yet! Pili nuts pack a nutritional punch—they support strong bones, fight inflammation, and can help lower LDL cholesterol (among other benefits). While a more expensive alternative, due to their labor-intensive harvesting process, pili nuts are a great nut to add to your nut milk rotation. Simply add water and press the cow button. Reference our Pili Nut Milk recipe as a guide!  


Having a nut milk maker like the Almond Cow allows you to make delicious plant-based milk from your own home while controlling ingredients and taste. Get creative with your ingredients and try out new types of nuts for different textures and flavor profiles. Plus, with homemade nut milk, you get the added benefit of keeping the nut pulp to use in other delicious recipes. What’s your favorite type of nut milk? Let us know in the comments below!  














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