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Father’s Day and Graduation Gift Guide for Your Dad & Grad

Father’s Day and Graduation Gift Guide for Your Dad & Grad

It’s graduation season! That means children, tweens, teens, and young adults are celebrating their educational accomplishments all month long.  Dads everywhere are gearing up to spend their day doing, well, just about whatever they want!

Between planning cookouts, attending graduation ceremonies, and hosting family, it’s understandable that finding the perfect graduation gifts or amazing Father’s Day gifts can sometimes feel like a chore. But with a little inspiration, gifts can be a fun way to show love and appreciation. And if you find just the right one, they’re also an opportunity to flaunt just how well you really know someone. This year, let Almond Cow help you find unique gifts for your dad and grad that are perfectly tailored to their personality. These ideas are niche enough to satisfy the most difficult recipient and guaranteed to show your dad or grad you know them best! You might even find some special ideas and want to treat yourself!

If They Have a Need for Speed

Explore K1 Speed’s Thrilling Indoor Go Kart Racing with Electric Karts

If your dad or grad likes the wind in their hair and has a penchant for thrills, but your budget doesn’t quite allow for a new convertible, consider heading to one of the new K1 Speed indoor go kart racing centers! Let your giftee drift around exhilarating courses, all while feeling like an F1 racer. As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about unpleasant aromas from carbon-emitting karts. Just like Almond Cow, sustainability and eco-friendly practices are high priorities for K1 Speed. K1 utilizes solar panels on their event centers and all of their karts are electric, so the only thing your dad or grad will smell is fresh made pizza from the onsite restaurant!

If Their Nose is Always in a Book—or eBook

Browse Simon and Schuster’s Extensive Collection of the Classics and the Latest Best Selling Books

Sometimes the best thing you can give someone is some time to themselves to unwind, relax, and recharge. When all the celebrating is said and done, and the stress of finals and hosting has melted away, handing your dad or grad a good drink and their favorite paperback might just bring a tear to their eye!

Currently celebrating their 100 year anniversary, Simon and Schuester—one of the world’s largest global publishers, always has the perfect addition for your giftee’s bookshelf. Imagine your grad enjoying an Almond Cow Berry Lemonade on the beach while they crack into the latest romance novel. Or maybe Dad finally has time to quietly relax in his favorite chair with an Almond Cow Apple Cinnamon Whiskey Sour and that historical fiction book that’s been on his must-read list for ages. Browse Simon and Schuster curated collections of books to find titles your dad or grad will love to get lost in. And if you’re needing your own pick-me-up, register for their newsletter and you can snag a free eBook for yourself!

If They Are a Coffee Connoisseur

Enjoy Deliciously Bold Coffees Assortments from Nossa Familia

If your dad or grad lives and breathes java, look no further than the collections from Nossa Familia. Portuguese for “Our Family,” Nossa Familia coffee is harvested from the founder’s family’s farms across Brazil. With deep roots in environmental responsibility, Nossa takes pride in the ethical sourcing of all their products.Their flavors range from the lightest blends like the La Armonia Hermosa—a silky blend with notes of papaya and caramel, (whose name appropriately translates to “The Beautiful Harmony” in English) to the darkest blends like Mithilde’s French Roast—a full-bodied blend with notes of dark chocolate and smoky finish.

For a limited time you can even try the Camilia’s Organic variety with one of Almond Cow’s 2024 Dads & Grads Gift Collections. Grab the limited edition “Java in Jiffy'' bundle—which includes an Almond Cow Milk Maker, 3lbs of Organic Cashew Pieces, Reusable Bag, Glass Jug, Jug Brush, and a 12 oz bag of Nossa Familia’s medium-dark roast. If your dad or grad is already an Almond Cow aficionado, you might opt for our “Cold Brew for Two” bundle, or our “Love you a Latte” bundle.

If you’re still shopping for the perfect gifts for dads and grads, show them you know them with one of these unique ideas. They’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness, and you can appreciate knocking another gift off your list!

Have you finished your shopping yet? Let us know below which idea is your favorite!


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