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A Summer Backyard Barbecue

A Summer Backyard Barbecue

Nothing says summer quite like a warm sunny day spent with your closest friends and family while gathered around a table filled with good food. Whether you’re planning a small family barbecue, or anticipating what you’ll do to celebrate the Fourth of July this year, Almond Cow has got you covered!

We have created a delicious summer backyard barbecue menu for your all summer gatherings, complete with options of refreshing drinks, Hawaiian burgers, pizza, sides, and festive desserts all made using your favorite kitchen appliance: the Almond Cow.

Something to Drink:



Light, refreshing, and delicious- our lemonade/limeade recipe won’t disappoint and is the perfect drink for a summer barbecue!

Grapefruit Cocktail 

Or if you’re wanting to celebrate with a cocktail, this Grapefruit Cocktail is the perfect combination of sweet and tart. Made in moments in your Almond Cow. It's not only a beautiful drink, but a delicious one as well!

Appetizers/Side Dishes:

Pasta Salad

 Our pasta salad features a homemade Italian dressing, made right in your Almond Cow, and traditional ingredients mixed in like fresh tomatoes, olives, and onions. We promise it’s sure to be one of your family's favorite dishes this summer.

Corn & Mango Salsa

This Corn & Mango Salsa paired with your favorite chip is sure to be hit. The sweetness from the fresh mangos and the balance of the peppers and grilled corn will have your guests coming back for seconds and thirds!

Plant-Based Baked Beans

Featuring onion, garlic, and even pineapple, this is a delicious twist on making baked beans using your Almond Cow! 

Main Courses:

Hawaiian BBQ Burger

Use your leftover walnut pulp in this delicious, vegan Hawaiian BBQ Burger!
For Toppings:
Top with grilled pineapple, red onion, Almond Cow BBQ SauceAlmond Cow Pickles, and buns of choice!



You can never go wrong with pizza! Use your leftover almond pulp in this pizza recipe that is bursting with fresh, bright flavors!


Desserts: (Everyone’s Favorite Part)

4th of July Tart  

Delicious any time of year- This simple and delicious tart features a gluten-free crust made with leftover almond pulp, and is filled with a creamy, dairy-free filling and topped with beautiful, fresh berries. It’s sweet, light, and festive for all your summer events!



This is the perfect treat for a hot, summer day! Enjoy this watermelon flavored Granita. Refreshing, delicious, and so easy to prepare- you'll want to make this recipe again and again all summer long!



Cheers to a summer filled with good friends, family, sunshine, laughter, and, of course, tasty food made with your Almond Cow!

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